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Web Site Design and Consulting Services

During the past few years I have often been asked by both clients and friends to "consult on" or "art direct" Web sites for them. I have in all of these cases taken the time to discuss with them their vision of their proposed sites and to reconcile this vision with the realities of what would also most effectively serve their needs at an affordable price.

If you are interested in a well-designed, extremely pleasing, professional Web site that is fast and totally functional, then please fill out the Web Site Consultation form below or simply email me at or give me a call at 905-985-3555.

My abilities as a design consultant and book publisher, and those of my associate, a certified Web professional, will certainly make the creation of your new Web site less stressful for you while also allowing you to do what you do best: "taking care of your business."

- Silvio Mattacchione

Why Choose Our Services?

Affordable Web Design

  • The unique combination of benefits and features we offer will save you many hours of your own precious time. And we're affordable!

Professional Web Design Services

  • A Web site designed and customized especially for your project, built around the needs of YOUR business, not around the whim of the designer.
  • A Web site that looks both professional and pleasing.
  • Highly personalized and responsive customer support. You WILL be treated right!

Easy Web Page Navigation

  • An easy-to-navigate Web site, so you don't lose customers along the way.
  • All secondary pages no more than two clicks away from your Home page.
  • Friendly "dual navigation" to make your pages easier to use. First navigation bar: top, right or left. Second navigation bar: bottom.
  • "Top of Page" links for easier navigation of long sales or product pages.
  • Drop-down menus/lists for easier navigation to products or pages, if required.
  • Contextual links added to your content. These are keyword-rich links to other pages in your site. Search engines love contextual links.

Custom Web Site Design

  • A Cascading Style Sheet created for your project to ensure consistency of fonts, headings, link colours, etc. throughout your site.
  • A "template" of your custom design to ensure a consistent look and feel to your Web site. This is not a generic template; this is a template made from your unique Web design and used to create all your pages, so they are consistent and easy to update thus reducing maintenance costs.

Web Content Development Services

  • Skillful editing and updating of your content (including grammar, punctuation and spelling). Most Web design firms paste in your content with no thought as to how it reads, or how well it suits your online business.
  • Suggested changes to your sales pages for improved market impact. Quickly start turning visitors into customers!
  • Enhance your Web site with a SEO (search-engine optimized) Web Content Package: simply written informational articles incorporating the keywords you're targeting in a way that search engine spiders will love and human visitors will also enjoy.

Other Web Design and Development Services

  • A fully functional Web site. No "Under Construction" signs.
  • Fast-loading, clean, attractive Web pages. We don't irritate your customers with gyrating graphics, music that won't go away, silly mousetrails or sliding text!
  • A certified Web professional working on your project at all times, including access to a senior Web developer (programmer) and database expert, if needed.
  • Every link tested and re-tested.
  • All Web-related logins and passwords recorded in multiple places for safekeeping.
  • Complete backup of your site on CD mailed to you upon completion.

Content Management

  • Inexpensive, effective content management solutions. Update or edit your Web site yourself using a simple online interface. No HTML knowledge required.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Initial Search Engine submission.
  • We use Google Sitemaps to inform Google's crawler about all your pages and to help people discover more of your Web pages.
  • Suggestions for an effective, search-engine-friendly domain name for your business.
  • All pages optimized for the Search Engines: Title, Description and appropriate Keywords. We personally research your keywords.
  • Website Promotion Content Distribution Package:
    • 3 original, professionally written high-quality articles
    • 100 one-way inbound links guaranteed (important for Page Ranking with
    • Distribution to over 10,000 email newsletter owners
    • Distribution to over 50 free-reprint article clearinghouses
    • Individual distribution to relevant Web site owners.

Optimized Web Graphics

  • Your photos and graphics sized, cropped and optimized for best presentation and optimal load time.
  • Your photos and graphics placed properly for best effect.
  • Graphics that properly blend into your Web site.
  • Alternate text added to all graphics (so Search Engines and the blind can "read" your pictures). Note: This is a legal requirement in the USA.

Pop-ups, Forms and Scripts

  • Pop-up pages or boxes for gathering email addresses, defining terms, etc.
  • Subscription form, comments/feedback form, change of address form.
  • Free "Send to Friend" script.
  • Free "Bookmark This Site" script.
  • Free "Printer Friendly Page" script.
  • Third-party shopping cart, photo gallery, forum or business directory scripts (CGI, PHP, XML) customized to match your site design.

Some Samples of Our Work

"The Private Chef" Cookbook by Richard Florczak
"The Private Chef" Cookbook by Richard Florczak
Personal Fax  
Fuel Savers Bullet

The Design Process

You've decided a Web presence is essential for your business and you've chosen us to build your site. Now what?

  • Fill out a simple Web Site Consultation Information form.
  • Answer a few more simple questions via email or phone about your specific needs (don't worry, we will guide you all the way!). These might include questions on the five W's:
    • Why do you want a Web site?
    • Who is your target market?
    • What do you do/sell?
    • When does your site need to be up and running?
    • Where will you host your site?
  • Be available to answer further questions (via email or phone).

Once we completely understand your needs, we will put together a formal proposal for you, or we can simply correspond via email.

  • Approve the proposal or simply give us the go-ahead via email.
  • Sign a simple contract (via FAX or mail). For your safety and ours.
  • Payments are 50% on signing with the balance due on completion of site.

Once we agree on terms and pricing, the contract is signed, and the first payment is paid, we will immediately create a mock-up design for your review and approval.

  • View the prototype Web site.
  • Give us your feedback.
  • View any changes and additions we make.
  • Approve the final design.
  • Send us content and graphics for additional pages.
  • View the finished and hosted Web site.
  • Celebrate!

"Web Site Consultation" Information Form

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Type of Business:



For sites selling products,
how many unique products do you intend to market?


Approx. No. of Pages:


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Additional Information


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