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Canadian Organizations and Events

American Singer Canary Club of Canada-ON

Association Quebecoise des Amateurs de Perroquets-QC

Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada

B.C. Exotic Bird Society-BC

Budgerigar & Foreign Bird Society of Canada-ON

Calgary Parrot Club-AB

Canadian Breeders of Pet and Exotic Birds

Canadian Parrot Symposium-East

Canadian Parrot Symposium-West

Canadian World Parrot Trust

Durham Avicultural Society of Ontario-ON

Hamilton and District Budgerigar and Cage Bird Society-ON

Manitoba Canary & Finch Club-MB

Ottawa Parrot Club-ON

Parrot Association of Canada

Parrot Club of Manitoba-MB

Toronto Parrot Club-ON

Western Canada Budgerigar Association-BC

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The Bird Brain

Exotic Wings & Pet Things

Feather Fantasy

Feathers and Friends

The Gabriel Foundation


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White Mountain Bird Farm

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