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Worldwide Webley by Steve Cuthbertson offers a complete history of Webley & Scott and Harrington & Richardson pistolsSelf-Publishing

Self Publishing.What Is It?

Essentially, self-publishing is arranging to publish your own book as opposed to submitting your work to a publisher in the hope of having it published. Self-publishing means that the author gets all the royalties as well as all the profits that may be associated with his or her book. Remember that this can be a double-edged sword—if there are any losses, these are also borne by the author.

Who Should Self-Publish?

Inside Camp X.  Individuals or organizations wishing to publish their own specialty fiction or non-fiction book that may not normally interest a publisher

.  Museums, zoos, gardens, or art galleries wishing to publicize or commemorate a special exhibit or event

.  Theatrical or musical groups wishing to publicize or commemorate a special performance

.  Cities, towns, churches, parks, or historical sites wishing to offer a souvenir book to tourists or visitors

.  Corporations wishing to commemorate an anniversary or landmark event, publish an annual report, or offer a unique promotional keepsake to their customers or clients

.  Artists or photographers wishing to promote their work

.  Authors wishing to produce a limited amount of high-quality special edition books

St. James' Cathedral in Toronto self-published this book to sell in their gift shop.
Regardless of what you are planning—a deluxe coffee table book, a photography or art show catalog, a how-to guide, a children’s book, a text book, a church history, a directory, a source guide, an annual report, a poetry book, a cook book, or a design manual—we have done them all. Our book projects range from a history of immigration to a photographic history of daylilies; from books on macaws to books on pigeons and poultry; from books that have retailed for $4.95 to books that have retailed for $3,000 per copy; from limited edition books collected by museums to annual reports collected by shareholders.

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How Can We Help Self-Publishers?

There is a real lack of full-service publishers for individuals, associations, church groups, historical societies, artists, photographers, and corporations wishing to publish their own works or materials. Publishing is, furthermore, a business with much misunderstanding surrounding it. Most people do not fully understand that powerful design programs are only tools that, unfortunately, do not turn computer experts into designers.

Worldwide Webley by Steve Cuthbertson offers a complete history of Webley & Scott and Harrington & Richardson pistolsHere’s what we offer you: We help you choose the type of book best suited to your needs. Remember that different types of books require different formats—a mass market paperback, a good quality paperback, a hard cover book, a large format hard cover. We will design not only your book, but also your cover or jacket. We will typeset your book, choosing the most professional selection of typefaces, running heads, chapter headings, folio numbering, layout of all figures and photographs, and literally hundreds of other little details that will give your book the most professional appearance possible. We ensure the most balanced and judicious mix of text and figures. This is all part of our design process for you!

We will choose the paper, the inks, the head and tailbands, whether the book is glued and notched or sewn. We will do all of the color separations on our own equipment including our own drum scanner. We can use prints, 35 mm slides, negatives, and much more

We, in essence, will have total responsibility to design, produce, and print your book. You will deal with only one organization and we will deliver your new book on time and on budget as agreed.

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PDF Files of Books We Designed and Printed

  1. Mr. Martin and Mrs.Tessa Borner, Costa Rica - "English Girl, German Boy" (cover, text), "Potholes To Paradise" (cover, text)

  2. Mr. Bruce Bruchett, Avian Publications, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - "The Carolina Parakeet" (cover, text), "The Complete Pet Bird Owners Handbook" (cover, text), "Good Bird" (cover, text), "Handfeeding Baby Birds" (cover, text)

  3. Mr. Gene Yoes III , Racing Pigeon Digest, Lake Charles, LA. USA - "Louisiana's German Coast: A History of St. Charles Parish" (cover, text)

  4. Lyn Phillip Hodgson, Blable Distribution, Port Perry, Ontario, Canada - "Camp X: Vengance Weapon" (cover, text)

  5. Mr. Albert Maasland, Chairman, The Belfast Giants Hockey Team, Belfast, Ireland - "Champions in the Land of the Giants" (cover, text)

  6. Mr.Silvio Mattacchione, Silvio Mattacchione & Co., Port Perry, Ont. Canada - "Pionus A Complete Guide" (cover, text)

  7. Mrs. Pauline Cormier, Daisy May Publishing Company, London, Ontario, Canada - "Can You See Her" (cover, text)

PDF Files of Books We Printed Only

  1. Mr. Richard Florczak, California, USA - "The Private Chef Cookbook" (back and front cover, text #1, text #2)

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Self-publishing Guidelines

We get so many inquires that we have decided to post an outline of the costs associated with designing your book. With these prices most would-be self publishers will now have a very accurate idea of the costs that are actually involved in bringing together your proposed book project. Please also note that a great deal of our work is supplied to us by other independent publishers who may not have enough capacity at a particular point in time to take care of a particular project. Under these circumstances we provide a total “turn key” solution by designing, printing and delivering to destination at an agreed upon fixed unit price per book. If you are an independent or specialty publisher, a corporation requiring an annual report or product manual, a church or historical group looking to produce a book as a fund raising vehicle or an individual interested in publishing a book that you have written then please review this material and contact us for further assistance.

Manuscript Style Guidelines

The following guidelines are in place to help us produce the best book from your manuscript:

Our design and layout team requires that you submit manuscripts on disk using Microsoft Word software. Keep all text flush left. Do not center headings or sub-heads, etc. Use tabs...not space bar entries to format indents. Use the software standard features for text entry. Do not attempt to format or do an elaborate book design with your manuscript, as you will be wasting your time and ours!

Graphical Elements

Do not use boxes in your text. Uniquely identify each element by entering it as Picture #, Chapter #, Page #. An example of your first photo may be Picture 1-1-12, this identifies placement of Photo 1 in Chapter 1 on page 12 of your manuscript. Mark the slide, photo or illustration with the same number. Depending on final design and page breaks, we will provide placement as close to your request as possible. Provide a marked up hard copy of the manuscript indicating positioning of photos using a highlight marker with written notation.

Caption Reference

Use the same numbering system for all picture and illustration captions. Submit all captions on a separate disk.

Paragraph Indenting

You should indent paragraphs using tabs. Usage of Bold, Italic and Underline may be used as you see the need.

We require 3 hard copies, 2 floppy disc copies of the manuscript (or CD) and 2 floppy disc copies of the captions, along with all graphical elements (on CD). Submit in final form only (do not send us anything other than a 100% completed product, properly edited, that you feel is ready for design).

Photo and Text Releases

If you use material from another author or publication, yYou must have all photo and text release letters signed and on file. No exceptions due to international copyright laws.

35 MM Slides

For the best image quality on photos, we recommend using 35mm slides from professional grade film. If possible use the same brand and type of film for every photo. Good quality prints may also be used. Remember: poor photos will reproduce poorly!

Digital Images

If you are submitting digital images on disk please note the following requirements:

All photo images must be prepared as TIFF files only please - do not submit anything other than TIFF! Additional charges will apply if we must convert images to TIFF format. Make especially sure that they have been scanned appropriately as regards the highlight and shadow areas (generally, a 3% dot in the Highlight [light] areas of the photo and 90% dot in the Shadow [dark] areas of the photo). Without the appropriate values being adhered to, you will fail to achieve the image quality and color quality that you desire! Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

DPI Required

For color reproduction, photos must be 300 dpi at the actual size that they are intended to be printed in the book and saved in CMYK format (not RGB). For example if the introduction has a color photo of ‘Bob and Albert’ that is 6 inches tall, then at 6 inches tall, the image must be 300 dpi. This also applies to black and white photos. Low dpi will result in poor printed picture quality.

For line drawings we require 600 dpi at actual printed size.

The ‘dpi’ (dots per square inch) rating allows us to print at a particular line screen. Therefore, if the printer uses 150 line screen the minimum dpi must be 300 DPI. If the printer uses 175 line screen, then the minimum dpi must be 350 dpi. Etc.

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Basic Price to Design Your Book

Our design and layout team charges $10,000.00 per book (depending on complexity and number of photos and illustrations price will increase) this fee includes the design of your cover plus the design and layout of all interior pages of the book! This is called your cost of origination and is fixed .Obviously the more books you intend to print the less significant this sum will be!

Printing of Your Book

The actual cost of printing your book will be quoted once we have established the trim size, the type and quality of paper, the binding type, the ink (color or B/W) the number of books required and the delivery destination. This sum is in addition to the design cost referenced above!

Basic Scan Prices

2X3 inch $35.00 per scan

4X5 inch $45.00 per scan

5X7 inch $50.00 per scan

8X10 inch $70.00 per scan

8.5 X11 inch $85.00 per scan

10X12 inch $90.00 per scan

11X14 inch $100.00 per scan

12X18 inch $150.00 per scan

16X20 inch $175.00 per scan

20X24 inch $225.00 per scan


Tektronix 6X9 $20.00 per page

8X10 $40.00 per page

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Request for Production and Printing Estimate

Please fill out the following form to request more information on self-publishing through Silvio Mattacchione & Co. Required fields are marked (*).

Contact Information

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E-MAIL *  

Project Information

If you don't know the answer to a question, just select or enter Don't know.


What is the title and/or description of your book project?


What is the estimated time-frame for completion of your project? 


What is the trim size (height and width in inches)?  


How many pages?  


Is design required?

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Are color separations required?

Yes    No    Don't know


Is typesetting required?

Yes    No    Don't know


Is the book captured on computer disc?

Yes    No    Don't know

If so, what platform?

Mac    Windows    Other    Don't know

If so, what software program (please include version number)?


How many photographs?

Black and white?



How many line drawings?


What kind of paper inside?

Gloss    Matte    Don't know



What kind of binding?

Hardcover    Paperback    Don't know

If paperback, what cover stock?


How many ink colors on the cover?

1    2    3    Specialty  Don't know


What coating on the cover?

Press varnish    0.5 mil plastic coating    Don't know


How many copies?

500    1,000    1,500    2,500    5,000   

10,000    20,000    Don't know


Shrink wrap the books?

Yes    No    Don't know


By what date would you like your books shipped?


By what date would you like your books delivered?


Other questions and comments:

Special Note: We will not design or print any material that is deemed libelous, slanderous, pornographic, or in bad taste. We have very strict standards as to the projects that we will design and print.

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