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Getting Published

What Does A Publishing Company Do?

One way to describe what a publishing company does is to outline the publishing process of our company.

At Silvio Mattacchione & Co., we oversee the publication of books. We receive many manuscripts-all of which we review. We publish several new titles per year-many from those submissions and some from foreign rights purchases.

After we have chosen a title, and if we believe that it is important to the avicultural community, we set up a contract with the author(s), illustrator(s), photographer(s), and/or editor(s). From there, we move into the editing phase. We go back and forth between the author(s) and editor(s) and the editorial department, finalizing text content, length, and the title. Around this time we also choose a designer who begins work on the cover.

Once the book is edited, the text goes through a proofreader. We usually hire freelance proofreaders and designers. Once the book has been proofread, we give the designer the text to work on the interior of the book. We prepare sales materials from the edited text and the cover. The book goes between the designer, proofreader, and editorial department for finalizing.

When the designer is finished, we send it off for film to be made and then to be printed. Bluelines come back for a final proofing. This is to make sure that the printer does not have any errors on the film. When the books are printed, the shipment comes to us for distribution.

As soon as the books arrive, we send final copies to reviewers and distributors. We continue to sell the book as long as we keep it in print. When we run out of a book, we evaluate the sales and time span to determine if we will reprint it. Most of our specialty books are reprinted and have become important classics in our field.

We also seek to do co-publications with publishers in different countries— especially the UK, South Africa, and Australia.

Finding an Appropriate Publisher

If you are interested in getting published, we recommend you start with the following:

1)  Go to the bookstore or library and find books that are similar to your book idea. If your idea is completely unique, find something in a closely related field or subject area.

2)  Look at the copyright page on the book and find out the name of the publisher.

3)  Consult the Literary Market Place (LMP) at your local library or online. Note the current address and phone number of the publisher(s) you found. Contact them and find out if they have any submissions guidelines they can send you, and if they prefer query letters. Follow the guidelines that the publisher gives you. Never send original artwork or manuscripts; always send a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) for return of materials and/or a response letter. Please be patient. Publishing houses are continuously working on projects at many different stages. Some will have their titles chosen years in advance. It may take awhile to respond to your submission and, if chosen, it may be awhile in the future before your book is complete.

We hope these general guidelines are helpful. We wish you the best of luck in finding a publisher for your project! If, after browsing through our titles, you feel that we would be a good match for your book idea, continue to our Submit a Manuscript page.


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