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Daylilies is a book of photos and other art by Norman S. TrackArt Books

Silvio Mattacchione & Co. is pleased to offer its services to artists and photographers. Creating a book can be a frightening experience for the uninitiated. However, done with style and class, a good art book can readily enhance an artist's credibility. Art books definitely enhance, dare I say boost, print sales. With a creative effort, all profit-that is, both artist and gallery. A published book enhances the artist, and book sales are a profitable addition to any gallery's print business.

Most artists do not fully realize that art books can be an incredible tool in developing much-needed customers as well as fully marketing an artist. Galleries do, however, recognize that an artist's show and book signing can translate into hefty sales.

Daylilies is a book of photos and other art by Norman S. TrackBooks can be used as not only promotional items but also as gifts or purchase bonuses. Books really do sell themselves!

If you are a photographer or artist interested in enhancing your credibility and reputation and have thought of publishing a book, call us. We can make it happen in full color, on time and on budget. We will take care of everything-we have everything in house: our own designers, our own drum scanners, our own typesetting.


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