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Thomas Mattacchione Kemyel Lofts Canada: "British Show Racers"

by Silvio Mattacchione

Getting Started

Douglas McClary
Douglas McClary pictured at his home.

Thomas Mattacchione has been helping me with my birds from the age of two. He liked the birds as well as helping with their care. As Thomas grew ,we both had a lot of fun with the birds. At age twelve Thomas asked for his own birds and his own loft and so we arranged to import some of the finest stock available in two separate areas of interest. The first area of interest was “ British Show Racers” and the second area of interest was “Long distance and super long distance racing pigeons”.

To locate the person whom I considered to be the very best breeder and exhibitor and judge of “British Show Homers” in the world was really not that difficult for me . As a book publisher, I had already seen and read the three books that this person had written . His record of wins at all of the largest and most prestigious shows in Great Britain and the United Kingdom is virtually without parallel! Obviously I am speaking of Mr. Douglas McClary and his world famous Kemyel Lofts . Thomas and I looked at the pictures and studied the incredible wins generated by this exceptional family of birds and decided that if we could manage it , these were the birds for Thomas!

It Was Not Easy

Medallion Kemyel Blue Vision
Medallion cock winner at all levels, including best opposite sex at Blackpool and 2 RPRA medallions
Kemyel Jack,
Well known winner
Blue Vision, beautiful powder cock. Top breeder and winner

Well it really was not as easy as it sounded, for in the end it took a full two years before Thomas's first six pairs of exceptional specimens arrived in Canada. It was as if everything was against us, but we persisted and the birds finally arrived safe and sound in Canada and after a 45 day quarantine period we finally saw the birds that were to be the foundation stock for my son Thomas Mattacchione . He was so proud of his new birds, and he had every right to be as these were just not pigeons but were in fact proven Champions. Mr. McClary had certainly out done himself to give this young Canadian fancier the "birds of a lifetime"! These birds brought tears to my eyes for they were even more beautiful than I had ever imagined. Thomas received from Mr. McClary the exceptional Opal Mosaic Cock RSG 1996 2524, named "Sherlock" he was the winner of 1St place "Blackpool" with over 100 birds in his class. "Sherlock" was the direct son of the brilliant opal cock known as the "Bramley cock." "Sherlock" is mated to a hen called "The Surprise" a fantastic opal hen that was bred from a dark checker cock and a blue hen both carrying opal dilute. "The Surprise" GB oo SR 0919 won 2 time 1st. at both Devon and Cornwall. Her dam was "Annalise" who had won Best In Show Old Comrades as well as Best In Show BSRF Classic and 1st. Blackpool and many others as well. The Sire of "The Surprise' was called "Mr. T." and he was Best In Show at Old Comrades as well as being the nest brother to "Annalise" mentioned above.

"Azure" is Exceptional

Typical head confirmation of one of Thomas's
show racer cocks. This is one of our favourites
called "Azure" Blue Pied Cock

No doubt one of our very favourites must be the exceptional Blue Pied Cock GB 01-SR 2502 called “Azure”. “Azure” is a dramatic powder blue pied with exceptional winners on both sides of his pedigree. “Azure” is a direct son of “Vision 2” who was 2nd Louella Classic and 2nd London Capital.His dam called “ Powder Puff” was described as perfection in a powder blue whiteflight.She won Best In Show at Plymouth as well as 1st and 6th Champion BSRF Classic.”Azure” is the perfect specimen with exceptional winners throughout his pedigree going back for 6 and seven generations.


Bred by Douglas McClary, this cock was
a multiple show winner. An Exceptional Red
This cock called "Muchado" GB-00-SR-0906
was Best in Show two times including at R.
Cornwall. This was Doug's best winning
red from 2000.

Thomas and I love reds and were delighted to find that Mr. McClary had sent us two reds. The Cock was called “Muchado” GB 00 SR 0906 a red chequer who was Best Young Bird two times including at R. Cornwall. This was Mr. McClary’s best winning red from 2000.It is interesting to note that “Muchado” was bred from a a mealy cock called “Double 8” and a yellow hen called “ Golden”. Golden proved her worth as a breeder in her first year! “Thomas” bred an exceptional yellow hen from “Muchado” this year. She is a marvel to look at.

The hens received were also exceptional including GB 00 SR 0916 called “Petra”. Petra was 3 times 1st. place in her first year. Mr. McClary stated that “ Petra” was one of his very best winners from 2000 and he further stated “ I didn’t believe I would sell such a bird, but as she is coming to Canada- she can’t beat me at the shows.Something special!”

“Melanie” GB 00 D 40452 was also a top winner. She is a powder mealy white fronted with an exceptional family history bred from Mr. McClary’s top red/mealy pairing. I could go on and on but suffice it to say that you can expect to wait a lifetime for winners of this magnitude.For a young fancier like Thomas these birds are a dream come true. Thank you Douglas McClary as you are an exceptional breeder , showman, judge but most of all you are an exceptional friend! Thomas has decided to call his loft “Kemyel Lofts Canada” in honour of his friend and mentor Mr. Douglas McClary!

A Thing of Beauty

Thomas wanted to give the last word on the subject of "British Show Racers" to Mr. Douglas McClary and here is what Douglas has to say :

Checkered Hen
Bred by Douglas McClary,
this Checker hen is lovely and a show winner

'' The show racer is a pigeon of beauty, dignity and grace. "

Presented in the show pen in peak condition it is a joy to see and it is little wonder that its popularity is ever-growing'.

This is how I introduced my first book 'The Show Racer' which was published in 1976. And now over a quarter of a century later I still fervently believe this sentiment. The show racer is a more beautiful form of the racing pigeon and one which is wonderful to handle as well as to admire.

There is a world-wide following for the show racer and these pages are designed to present this wonderful pigeon in its many forms. Share my love and enthusiasm.

Doug McClary


Thomas bred

Thomas bred some exceptional show racers
in 2002. Note the rare yellow hen.

Douglas Our Friend

Thomas also thought that it might be very interesting for fanciers to have a good deal of background info on Douglas so here are the details :

Doug McClary was born in West Cornwall in 1939 and was educated in Penzance. His main career was in the Police Service which he served for nearly forty years, retiring as a Superintendent.

Doug is married with three children and five grand daughters and live in Exeter on the edge of the City, overlooking a wooded valley.

Head shot of typical show
racer hen.

Most of his time in pigeons has been connected with show racers but for many years he have written articles for pigeon magazines.

Douglas McClary was a founder member of the Devon and Cornwall Show Racer Society in 1970 and has served for many years as its secretary. He was also responsible for the formation of the British Show Racer Federation and is currently the president. Numerous other offices have been held within the pigeon sport and he has organised many pigeon shows both at local and national levels.

This yellow hen bred by
Thomas in 2002 is quite
a rare colour.

Douglas has written three books on showing pigeons! Douglas has been extremely fortunate to have travelled to several countries in connection with pigeons and shows and has judged several times in the United States including the National and the National Young Bird shows. Doug judged at the 2000 National Young Bird Show at Louisville


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