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"LIMITED EDITION" Ours is a Quiet Mission

by Silvio Mattacchione


Ours is not a flashy crusade; it is a quiet mission.

Adverts are placed by professional pigeon breeders in issue after issue of most pigeon journals worldwide proclaiming in dramatic headlines: “Super Champion,” “Fantastic Pigeons,” “Super Crack,” “ The World’s Greatest,” “Champion of Champions,” “The Best Bloodlines Worldwide.” The superlatives are unending and increase in intensity every issue and every month. This is in direct contrast to what my policy has always been. We leave it up to the individual fanciers to do their own research and then come to their own decisions. As a consumer all I have ever expected is an honest and reliable product.

As a breeder of thoughbred racing pigeons, the only claim I have ever made is a very modest one, and that simple claim is that “we seek to breed and provide an honest, hard working racing pigeon”! That is it, no flashy headlines, and no incredible promises. An honest, reliable, hard working racing pigeon is my ideal of perfection, the rest, as they say, is up to you! Ours is not a flashy crusade but rather a quiet unending mission.

Our mission began years ago with the recognition of, and devotion to a small unique group of imported pigeons. They were not the latest nor in most people minds the greatest, they had no real sizzle to sell them, and remember how much hype is used to make something, anything desirable. However to me they were unique “no sizzle, but a whole lot of steak!” Back in 1989 not a whole lot of fanciers would have agreed with my intuitive assessment. Well, these fanciers were very wrong. I accumulated very quietly as many of these honest hard working pigeons as I could. I bought, I traded and I bred them. I followed my own plan and my own vision. I also kept my eyes open to others who had purchased one, or two, or a few of these pigeons. Most did not fully know their background or their history. Most never really followed a plan, never had a goal or a vision and under these circumstances even diamonds are lost! Ignorance is not bliss, but rather your lifelong enemy.

I studied these birds, this family and all of the pedigrees that came in when these birds were originally imported. I knew these birds more intimately than anyone, other than their originator Mr. Gerritt Spanjaards. Whatever you may hear, whatever opinions are expressed the only thing that really matters in life is FAMILY. This is true of your personal life first and foremost! It is also true of the birds that you willingly choose to care for. In your personal life, your family is the rock upon which you must build. All that you are, all that you will be, all that you can ever hope to be is, and has been, influenced by your family.

In a very real sense all of these same considerations apply to your racing pigeons. All that they are, all that they will be, all that you can hope for, is in fact tied directly to family. That is why it is essential to thoroughly research the background of the pigeons that one would hope to acquire. Are they part of a recognized family of birds? If they are, was the family successful and did it have longevity? Were there highly motivated and dedicated fanciers and enthusiasts out there dedicated to, not only continuing, but more important, improving a family over its many generations?

In the past great fanciers like Sion, Bricoux, Fabry, Janssen, Stassart, Gurnay, etc., co-operated to improve each other's families! Look to improve your own family through similar co-operation. Friendship and family is the key to your continued success. “Honest, hard working pigeons should be your goal”!

NL 74 813969 The ‘969’

The history of this family can be traced back to the beginnings of the very finest family of pigeons that has ever come to prominence. Mr. Spanjaards' had a super old line Janssen pair. This pair consisted of the old cock, NL-74-813969, and his hen, NL-73-1404648. By 1985 this pair was already responsible for over forty winners, including the 1977 “National Orleans” winner. They would eventually be responsible for another forty good birds. I have in my possession a list of some ten pages written by Mr. Joop Ekstijn listing the winners from this pair. At the time that Mr. Spanjaards agreed to sell this pair, he and his good friend, Mr. Van Brandenburg, had together 31 youngsters in their lofts from this pair. The foundation cock, "969" (NL-74-813969), was a grandson of the "Oude Merckx" via his sire, "Beig" (NL-69-6758673), who was a direct son of the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk's "Oude Merckx."

"969" (NL 74 813969) Grandson of the Famous "Oude Merckx." Bred by Gerrit Spanjaards. Provincial Ace Pigeon Twice. Sire to The National Orleans winner in 1977. Breeder of Over 80 Exceptional Pigeons. "969" was sire of our "058" (NL 84 1092058). "058" is the sire to our “Limited Edition.”

"058" (NL 84 1092058) - SIRE OF "LIMITED EDITION"


Mr. Jim McLean and I purchased the last of the original Spanjaards foundation cocks in May of 1995 in partnership. This bird, called "Spanjaards" (NL-84-1092058), also known as "058," was a direct son of "969" (NL-74-813969). "Spanjaards" (NL-84-1092058) bred three ace pigeons and was the brother to Mr. Spanjaards' 1977 National Orleans winner. One of the three ace pigeons that "Spanjaards" (NL-84-1092058) sired was "St. Peter" (NL-85-567887). He was 1st Ace Pigeon Combine Middle Distance including 41 prizes and a 1st Combine. He was nicknamed "The Pumper" by Bob Kinney the editor of the Thoroughbred magazine in the USA.

I sent IF-93-FVF115, a hen out of "St. Peter" (NL-85-567887) and NL-85-567883, a daughter of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269), to a father and son loft in New York. She was 1st Section, 2nd Combine 400 miles flying 1,775.31 yards per min. against 1,330 birds and 106 lofts in the Long Island Combine in May of 1994.

Mr. Ray Crawford of Toronto purchased a son of "Spanjaards" (NL-84-1092058), "Limited Edition" (CU-92-1689), a blue checker. In 1995, this "1689" bred five 1st place winners in two different clubs that year.

“Limited Edition” CU-92-1689

Limited Edition is one of the most pre-potent sires in North America today.
A direct son of Gerrit Spanjaards “058” who bred 3 Ace pigeons in Holland.


Limited Edition

So just how good is “1689”? In his first four years of breeding he produced 20 direct children each of which has won 1st place. Twenty separate sons or daughters to win 1st! More important he also has the proven genetic heritage, descending in a direct male line from the “Oude Merckx” of Janssen Bros. fame, to the “969,” bred and raced by Gerrit Spanjaards, producer of the 1977 National Orleans winner, to his sire “058,” the sire of three ace pigeons. This exceptional “1689” continues this phenomenal lineage and no doubt will, before his breeding days are over, surpass them all!

I have documented the claim made above. How many times have I heard, “Yes, he has bred a ton of winners,” yet the ton is never quantified or qualified? Here is the proof!

The following 20 first place winners are all direct children of “1689”:

Station: Gravenhurst
Distance: 139.033 kms
Result: 1st club, 3rd Association
Station: Burks Falls
Distance: 217.056 kms
Result: 1st club, 3rd Association
Station: New Liskeard
Distance: 428.251 kms
Results: 1st club, 7th Association
Station: Temagami
Distance: 378.057 kms
Results: 1st club, 1st Association
Station: Gravenhurst
Distance: 139.033 kms
Results: 1st club, 2nd Association
Station: Gogam
Distance: 478.214 kms
Results: 3rd club, 1st Gold Band Race
  Cu-95- Barr-6381
Station: Smooth Rock Falls
Distance: 643.371 kms
Results: 1st club, 11th Association
Station: Point Au-Baurel
Distance: 225.651 kms
Results: 1st club, 2nd Association, 28th combines.
This bird also won 1st champion bird of the combine.
  Station: Gogama
Distance: 478.217 kms
Results: 1st clubs, 4th Association, 37th combine.
Station: North Bay
Distance: 293.989 kms
Results: 1st club, 12th combine
  Station: Engelhart
Distance: 463.753 kms
Results: 1st club, 30th combine
Station: Latchford
Distance: 407.274 kms
Results: 1st club, 6th combine
Station: Ramore
Distance: 523.765 kms
Results: 1st club, 23rd combine
Station: Burks Falls
Distance: 217.056 kms
Results: 1st club, 19th combine
Station: New Liskeard
Distance: 428.251 kms
Results: 1st club, 15th combine
Station: Engelhart
Distance: 459.856 kms
Results: 1st club, 7th combine
This bird was also the 4th champion bird of the combine.
Station: Engelhart
Distance: 463.753 kms
Results: 3rd clubs, 4th Association, 26th combine
He was also 1st auction race.
Station: North Bay
Distance: 293.989 kms
Results: 1st clubs, 5th Association, 22nd combine.
  Station: North Bay
Distance: 293.989 kms
Results: 1st clubs, 5th Association, 22nd combine
This bird was also 1st Gold Band race.
Station: New Liskeard
Distance: 428.251 kms
Results: 1st club, 1st Association, 1st combine
Station: North Bay
Distance: 293.989 kms
Results: 1st club, 1st Association, 14th combine
Station: North Bay
Distance: 293.989 kms
Results: 1st club, 9th Association

The above referenced 20 children of CU-92-1689 are all documented first place winners. As of November 2000 he has officially bred 23 children to win 1st place!!
As of April 2003 the unofficial count is 33 children to win and there is no way of knowing how many wins for his grand-children and great grand-children. We no longer race any of "Limited Edition’s" children. Many of his children are exported and are available for export!

I started this brief biography on Limited Edition by stating that we are dedicated to breeding honest, hard working, consistent thoroughbred racing pigeons. Our goal is not the individual star, but rather the overall excellence of the family as a whole.

Our inbred family of Spanjaard Janssen’s will be of interest to anyone seeking to introduce an exceptional cross into an established family or to produce hybrid vigor.

Anyone seeking to establish his own family of hard working thoroughbreds is invited to call or email Silvio Mattacchione.

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