We export from Canada our special inbred line of Janssen Brothers racing pigeons developed by Gerrit Spanjaards, providing the ideal genetic cross for your pigeon line.

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Export Sales

Exporting from Canada

Canadian FlagHistorically, Canada has been and remains a preeminent exporter of livestock throughout the world. This not only includes the finest cattle—both dairy and beef—but also the most desired racehorses, poultry, and might I now also add, Canadian racing pigeons!

Canada has to its credit a series of agricultural protocols that are recognized worldwide. Our Canadian Department of Agriculture veterinarians are world leaders who take their work very seriously, and therefore assure you that only the very healthiest specimens possible are exported. We have the most stringent health protocols in the world! Whatever your local agriculture protocols are, our Canadian Department of Agriculture will insure that they are followed to the letter.

Canadian Cold Insures Healthier Livestock

Canadian winters are the ultimate physical test of the hardiness of our livestock! The cold weather insures that bacteria that otherwise could run rampant are killed back every winter. Hot countries do not have our built-in weather advantage. Cold weather is a natural way for Mother Nature to clean house, so to speak.

Silvio Mattacchione in front of his loft in the winterPort Perry, Ontario, is located in the Canadian snowbelt. It is not uncommon for us to have 30–35 continuous days of -30F to -35F in winter and 100F degrees during July of each year. If you think about it, a temperature spread yearly of 100–135 is quite an incredible test of hardiness and livability! However, what most people from warm climates may be surprised to hear is that our Canadian pigeons are quite happy and comfortable at -30F in winter with absolutely no heated lofts. In the middle of winter they shine with health. It is exactly this vigorous genetically predisposed element that you should want to develop and transfer into your own colonies worldwide.

Birds that are capable of putting up with incredible yearly temperature variations will have no problem achieving maximum performance in the wilds of Siberia or the heat of Australia, Kuwait, Oman, or Taiwan.

Purchasing Stock Birds

We have over the past number of years supplied foundation quality stock birds to Australia, China, Taiwan, Germany, Holland, the USA, Mexico, and the UK.

We sell only birds that we put aside for our own eventual use. These foundation quality birds are yearlings and older only. Since we breed very few birds, only the very best are available for export. Our inbred Spanjaards/Janssens will definitely enhance your breeding goals. If you have your own family, our birds will provide the ideal inbred cross.

Generally speaking our birds are more expensive than most and there is a reason-quality has a price! If you are really serious about your birds and your breeding program, fill out and submit the Contact Information and Stock Bird Purchase Inquiry below, contact us. Don't forget to visit our pigeons for sale page! You will not be disappointed!

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