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By Silvio Mattacchione

Several years ago I had the very good fortune to chat several times with a fancier from Florida. He was returning to our sport after an absence of 3 decades or so. He was excited and spent a great deal of time doing research on the Internet. Imagine, a fancier in Florida locates a fancier in Canada via the medium of a computer screen, a series of numbers, zeros and ones on some chips. It still blows my mind, "Global Village" indeed!

We talked several times and then a period of time passed with little communication, and then again there he was on the screen and on the phone. With the passage of time we were to become good friends. Glenn Shrader is a man that I am proud to call my friend! This long time resident of St. Augustine Florida is a prominent business person as well as a dedicated father. At the community level, he has played a significant role in both the education of the young as well as dedication to worthwhile charities. Recently featured in a large local paper, in Florida, he was able to bring exceptionally positive newspaper coverage to our sport of racing pigeons. This same article was reprinted by the "Digest."

I look forward, as does my family to his yearly visits. An extremely well respected and honorable man who spent 35.5 years in a super company called Publix. He retired in 2003 and now has time to seriously pursue his hobby.

I was very surprised one evening to receive a call in which Glenn described his newest loft project, an idea that had originated with another Floridian, Mr. John Kale. John Kale I was to learn had acted as a mentor to Glenn, and both are great friends. Glenn faxed me the rough drawing that had been prepared by John in the dead of night when the idea came to him in his sleep. He got up and immediately drew what he had seen in his dream. Glenn took this idea and had Architect, Donald A. Crichlow of St. Augustine work up a proper drawing, called the "Shrader Aviary Plan and Elevation."

Layout of Shrader Gazebo base.

The "Shrader Breeding Gazebo" can be used in both warm and cold climates. It allows you to have 10 individual breeding pens and all within a 3-foot radius. Ten individual breeding pens ( each of which is 3X3X3 ft.) in a very attractive and convenient structure. This would sure make life easier for all of us. I intend to build this "Shrader Breeding Gazebo" for myself this year. I know it would really make my life a lot easier and more enjoyable. Who knows I might even have it finished in time for Glenn's next visit to me in Canada this summer?

Detail of how to cut and join corners.

Glenn has very kindly taken photos of the entire project from start to completion. All of these step-by-step photos were supplied to me so that I had a very good idea of how to build this great breeding gazebo. I have used these photos to illustrate this small article. This is a great, totally practical, worthwhile, as well as beautiful garden project. No doubt even your neighbors will be delighted with this fine loft in your backyard. Happy building!



Detail of fastener used to fix wood frame to concrete base.
Completed Hexagon base, ready for framing walls.
Framing begins using standard 2X4 construction.
Framing of walls and individual breeding pens.
Another view of individual breeding pens.
Detail of roofing over the individual breeding pens.
Interior detail of completed individual breeding pens.
Glenn Shrader’s main loft in St. Augustine Florida.
Completed Shrader Gazebo ready for the wire application.

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